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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

RockNRoll Bride - School of Rock - Workshop - Blogging!

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend a ‘School of Rock’ Blogging Workshop run by the rather fabulous Kat Williams just before Christmas. She blogs about alternative weddings and so much more, she really is an inspiration and so lovely with it as well.

Please if you have some time visit her pages, actually no scrub that, you must go and check out her pages, I don’t know what I did before I discovered her site!

The workshop was organised in partnership with Cherry Sorbet Creative, for more information on them please check out their website and twitter!/cherry_sorbet and held at Drink, Shop, Do,_Shop_%26_Do/Drink,_Shop_%26_Do_%E2%80%94_Home.html in Kings Cross, London. This is a gorgeous little shop and cafe which I will deffinately be returning to. It's a must stop shop if you are ever in the area!

Obviously I don’t want to go into everything she spoke about as I believe the School of Rock is planning on going on tour this year. When this happens if she is anywhere near you I encourage you to sign up and go along it truly is an invaluable workshop in my opinion.

Considering the workshop lasted for 2 hours the amount of information and inspiration you come out with is incredible! It covered everything I could have hoped for and much more. There was a great mixture of people there, of all levels, from the relative newbies like myself to people who had been blogging for a few years. I could have sat there for a whole afternoon soaking up information like a sponge but unfortunately I had a train to catch so missed out on more chatting and a drink in the pub afterwards. It did mean however that I could read over the fabulous notes that went with the workshop (alongside my scribbled notes) on the way home. Next time I will book a much later train back for sure! Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome!

Apologies for the delayed posting of this blog but ideas have been whizzing around our heads regarding our blog since going on this workshop and its going to take a little while for us to get our heads around things and crack on creating our ‘Honestly Its Easy’ Brand, but you will over the next few months hopefully notice a huge improvement and those improvements will start with us moving away from Blogger and onto Wordpress. Apologies for any disruption this may cause whilst we are learning how to use it etc but the end result will be better, clearer and more user friendly and we are going to post on a more regular basis we hope!

Anyhow, we are off to put some ideas into Practice!

Lets see what 2012 brings for ‘Honestly it’s Easy!’

All the best!



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