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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sour Dough Cake Recipe - called Herman!

My good friend Gemma came around last night with Herman! A sour dough recipe that her mother in law (Margaret) has started, so at the moment I am on Day 3 (Margaret started the first few stages for me!)

So as I said we are on Day 3 and when I get to Day 9, the other half of Honestly its easy will be getting a portion to start!! For all of those interested in this recipe here it is! I’ll update you with how we are getting on soon!

Sour Dough Cake Recipe
Hello! My name is Herman. I’m a sour dough recipe. I’m supposed to be on the worktop for 10 days, without the lid on.
You cannot put me in the fridge or I will die!
If I stop Bubbling I am dead!
I’m not meant to touch metal!
Day 1 – you get Herman and take the lid off. Put into a large mixing bowl or container capable of holding at least 2 litres and cover loosely with a towel or cling film.
Day 2 – stir well
Day 3 – stir well
Day 4 – Herman is hungry!, Add the following ingredients, stir well and cover again:

1 cp plain flour (115g/4oz)
1 cup of granulated sugar (225g/8oz)
1 cup of milk (235ml/8 fl oz)

Day 5 – stir well
Day 6 – stir well
Day 7 – stir well
Day 8 – stir well
Day 9 - Herman is hungry again! Add the same ingredients as Day 4. Divide into 4 equal portions and give 3 away to your friends, along with these instructions or keep one if you want to start a new cake. Herman No 4 stays with you and is now nearly ready to be baked.
Day 10 – Herman is now very hungry indeed. Stir well and add the following ingredients:

1 cup of caster sugar (225g/8oz)
2 cups of plain flour (225g/8oz)
2 eggs
2 tbsps vanilla essence (10ml)
2 heaped tbsps cinnamon
2 heaped tbsp Baking Powder
¼ tsp salt
2/3 cup cooking oil, sunflower, olive (174 ml/6 fl oz)
2 cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
½ cup walnuts/almonds (optional) (75g/2 ½ oz)
1 cup of raisins/sultanas (optional) (150g / 5oz)
Other options include pineapple, cherries, chopped chocolate, coconut, etc.
Mix everything together and place into a large greaseproof roasting tin. Sprinkle with ¼ cup of brown sugar (50g/2oz)
Bake it for 45 minutes at 170 – 180 c (gas mark 3-4). Check after 35 minutes, it may be done. When it is cold, cut into fingers. This cake freezes well, It is delicious warmed up as a dessert with c ream or ice cream.

All the Best!



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