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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Curry Night!

Lush - That is the only word I can use to describe the taste of one of our table birds! Lovingly prepared by my hubbie to be in a curry for dinner tonight!

Four down, two still clucking around in the coop. A little late I must admit, but we've been super busy with work, kids, village fetes etc that we just haven't had the time to do the deed to all of them.

We have three currently in the freezer, and I have to tell you one of them was a very fat and healthy 7.25lbs!! Thats small child size!!! (He's being saved for christmas!!!)

And just so you know:
Answers to the most asked questions I get regarding the table birds:
Did you kill them yourself? Yes
Did you pluck & gut? Yes
Did I feel a little guilty? Yes...a little!
Is it really worth it? Yes it can work out a little higher than a shop bought chicken, but it's all for the taste. The tatse of that fresh homegrown chicken, a bit like your own homegrown fruit and veg. You just can't beat it!

So there you have it, from a day old chick to an 18 week old bird to my dinner table!

Now where's my meat cleaver.................


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