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Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I'm no expert when it comes to "what is a weed" and "what isn't a weed".
For example, when I moved house in January, I moved all my garden plants with me, including (unknowingly) a couple of weeds!

I planted them in the garden thinking they were "proper plants" until they shot up last month and i realised they are actually the same ones you find covering the verges on the A roads! Oops!

Weeds get everywhere! You can spend a whole day digging the little s**ts blighters out, filling your wheelbarrow with them and feeling sooo proud of your nice clear garden. Then you turn your back for a second and they're back, just like childrens nits! You think you have them all then they return!!! (Bet your now scratching at the thought of them!!) ha!

No matter how much time you spend eradicating the pesky things, (which I spend LOADS of time on my knees digging them out individually) you have to admit, when you dig up a lovely batch of carrots & spuds from the veg patch, it does make it all worth it, right??!!

I would love to hear your tried & tested tips for getting rid of weeds, comment below!



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