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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


“Allergic rhinitis, pollenosis or hay fever is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways. It occurs when an allergen such as pollen or dust is inhaled by an individual with a sensitized immune system, and triggers antibody production.”

A huge percentage of the population is affected by Hayfever, there are many different types of treatment out there whether they be tablets, syrups, nasal sprays, eye drops, maybe it’s a homeopathic treatment, natural remedy, or an old remedy passed down through the generations, what works for you?

I myself suffer terribly with hayfever and nothing really seems to help I’ve tried many things, off the shelf drugs from the chemist, nasal sprays, eye drops, , the list could go on, but nothing seems to be that effective – it may ease the suffering a little but not cure it. I want a cure!

I’ve come across this website

I have ordered some tablets and will let you know how I get on!

On the website it does say

“Alert ! alert! alert! – help yourself by drying your sheets and clothes indoors – never hang clothes outside to dry in summer!!!”

But to be honest I love the smell and feeling of freshly dried clothes from outside!

In the meantime people, you can keep a close eye on the pollen count in your area via the piri allergy website, simply enter your postcode and you get the results straight away, including a forecast option as well which is quite useful!

All the Best!



  1. As a hay fever sufferer, I found that chewing a piece of honey comb for at least 15 minutes 5 times daily helps greatly. I usually get relief on the first day. Then, you have to follow this cure at least 10 days to avoid a relapse. Another thing that I find helpful to relieve and prevent seasonal allergies is bioresonance. I've never tried the pollen capsules, I'm curious to know if it has worked for you: I'm waiting for your next post..

  2. never tried chewing honey comb! I'm all for trying new things to try and at least ease the hayfever problem - it causes so much discomfort and really stops me enjoying the great outdoors! Thanks for commenting on our post - I'll be sure to update with more news as and when I can!x