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Monday, 9 May 2011

More raised Beds!

Yay! We had some rain on the weekend, our grass seed loved it! It seemed to almost spring up over night! It’s still pretty patchy in places but I think that has more to do with birds coming and helping them selves than the quality or the care of the seed.

Weekend was yet again a busy one, Spen and I (well Spen really I was just the helper) made another raised bed for over by the chicken shed for some beans and what not. We are going to mow the grass this week so as soon as that has happened I’ll post some more pictures (always looks so much better when it has had a good mow!).

But in the meantime here’s a bit of an update on progress, as you can see we’ve added three more raised beds to the original plans. Spen’s also fixed a proper lock on the chicken coop gate to avoid any more dashes from the chooks to get to the vege plots! Yay!

The greenhouse is now finished – I’ll post some more pictures of that later this week, we also have the possibility of some more windows as well so there maybe another greenhouse to add to that little area as well which will be great for the tomatoes and chillies this year! Will have to see what sort of windows are available first though before I get too excited!

All the Best!



  1. looks great. I love raised planters, but don't have any as raised as that! [frantic gardener followed you from twitter]

  2. this is the first year we are trying raised beds, the area we have the vege plots on are all on a bir of unlevel ground so wanted to even it all out a bit. We've been lucky and got given four raised beds and have made the others out of old pallets and random recycled bits and bobs in the garden - saved us a small fortune I think!x