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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sunflowers, Seed & Turf!

I can safely say the Sunflower challenge is definately ON!

So far Callum is in the lead, much to the anger of Mackenzie. However it ain't over yet!! My boys are still enjoying nurturing their young plants and they check them every day to see if they have grown any more. And I have to say..I love a bit of healthy competition!!!

The grass seed has started to show through, it isn't quite the "lush green lawn in 10 days" as stated on the pack, but to be honest I don't blame the product, I blame the weather. It has been far to hot and dry for it so my evenings are spent soaking it!

I also have some more greenage in my very brown garden, a lovely friend from the world of facebook offered me about 24 rolls of turf...for free! So I enrolled my good ol' friend Claire and her bloke Spen's yellow passion wagon to help me collect it! It looks fab in my garden, it's finally all starting to come together, slowly but perfectly!



  1. The war is on - my sunflowers are coming through now as well!!!! Let the boys know!!!


  2. Will let them know hun, but I'm sorry to say.....
    Ours are gonna be bigger than yours!!! LOL!