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Sunday, 29 May 2011

It's All Go On The Veg Front!

I personally think everyone should have a go at Grow Your Own, whether it be one tomato plant or a whole allotment plot, the satisfaction of harvesting something you have cared for since seed is satisfying and REALLY tasty!

We started out with one pot and one potato, when we harvested this and found a whole bag full of spuds at the bottom of that one pot, we were hooked!

We grow pretty much anything we like to eat now (as you may have seen in my previous blogs). So to update you all, our fruit & veg is growing nicely!

We currently have loads of lovely strawberries, and a couple of them are ripening super quick, so hopefully (if i get there before my two little monsters do) I'll have my first taste by the middle of next week!

The Maris Piper potatoes have gone nuts, I can't wait to dig these up and enjoy a tasty chip/mash or roastie from this favourite of mine!

We've also planted another row next to these, so we can have a second harvest, which means twice the amount!! Yum Yum!!

We have discovered that the old tenant was rather partial to a raspberry, we have had about 30 plants make an appearance from the ground (even after it was rotavated), so we have sectioned a batch off and are letting them grow.

From these plants I can guess we'll have way too many to eat fresh, so I'll enjoy freezing them and making jam out of them...and of course I'll share any receipes I try!

Our other raised bed is full of a variety of veg, we have onions, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, garlic, spinach, chard, beetroot and celebrese AND we still have room for more! We have already been harvesting the tender young lettuce leaves as well as the spinach, you just can't beat the taste of fresh produce!

My cherry trees are fruiting and my apple & pear tree seem to be budding, but i have a feeling that these won't fruit this year, but thats ok, i'll look forward to them next yr!

On the sunflower side, so far Callum seems to be in the lead, I have been hardening these off, ready for outside, like I said before we'll have to see who's will survive!!!

Well thats all for now, I'll be updating you about chilli & tomato plants soon!!!

Take Care And Get Growing!!!


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