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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

hmmmm.... bread!

Ok so over the weekend we were attempting a little baking.  Now I’m not entirely sure if I should be ashamed of this or not but in the past I’ve always used the trusty bread machine I rescued from my parents house.  I do however find that sometimes this bread comes out very heavy.  So I thought I would try the hard way and bake a loaf by hand, all these problems on tv make it look so easy!

So I went for a granary loaf because although the seeds and stuff get stuck in your teeth it really is such a lovely taste – and great with Pate (which I had in the fridge from the local farm shop Wykham Park

All the ingredients when into the bowl just as the recipe said, started mixing it all up, transferred the mixture onto floured surface and started kneading.  My word it’s ALOT harder than it looks on the tv, the recipe said to knead for at least 10 mins – and by the end of the 10 minutes I was knackered! Who needs the gym when you can make bread.

Popped it back into the bowl and covered the top with a shower cap (hairy bikers tip!).  Now here is where I believe I made my fatal mistake on this first occasion, I didn’t put any moisture on the inside of the shower cap.  So when I put the bowlful of mixture into the airing cupboard to rise for the 1 ½ hours recommended it dried out. 

I thought the mixture looked a bit dry and dodgy to be honest but I put it on a tray ad baked it anyway.  Well after it had been baked I tried to bite into a piece and nearly broke my teeth!  Oh dear me – it had gone wrong!  The chickens really liked it though – I will try and make some more again this week – keep tuned for instalment 2 – it can only get better surely?!

All the best!


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