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Monday, 14 February 2011

Home Brew Anyone???

So time for some Home Brew!! Again this is the first time we have tried doing this so it really could go one of two ways – good or bad! Lol!

The one we have chosen is from Wilkinsons.

Its a Youngs Brew Chardonnay Style Wine Kit.

It should be ready in 3-4 weeks which will time beautifully with my 30th Birthday hopefully and it should make 6 bottles – more than enough for a birthday celebration (especially as Spen doesn’t drink wine because he’s allergic to it!)

The instructions that came along with this kit are pretty clear. It does say that a Thermometer and a Hydrometer are not required but optional, I do think I may purchase these before my next batch is started (dependant on how well this comes out of course!).

The wine was started on the 31st January and over a period of 7 to 20 days fermentation should be complete.

“Completion of fermentation is indicated when “bubbles” have stopped passing through the airlock. We recommend that you check the specific gravity with a hydrometer: a constant reading of 0.995 or below over two consecutive days will confirm that fermentation is complete”

So now we are just waiting for fermentation to be compelte and I’ll post another blog when it is.

This home brewing malarkey is quite exciting! Can’t wait to see what happens!!

Best love


PS also today we had 3 chicks hatch out under our broody hen Pat (shes a stunning Black Silkie) Check out the video here - we'll post some more info on the new additions in the next few days!!

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