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Friday, 11 February 2011

Tom and Barbara????

Self suffiency, can it actually be done? Well in a sense a degree!

Myself and my partner have grown veggies successfully for the last few years, either in pots or small raised beds. We also shared an allotment last yr with a friend (not recommended if both you and the friend are strong willed!)

We care for 8 lovely hens and one very singful cockeral, who give us enough fresh eggs to feed my family of four and half my friends!

This year we have moved to a new house with massive front & back cleared gardens - a complete blank canvas! Awesome!

Now both of us are no way the expert gardener/grower etc, we use the method - trial and error! I don't have the time to be faffing about too much about things, I don't care if my veggies are beautiful, I just care that they are edible, fresh and practically free!

Now we just need to get started........

Mel x

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