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Monday, 28 February 2011

Left holding the babies...

The big 30 has arrived for Claire (well on Weds actually) and as one of her previous blog has said she's off galivanting with her partner in the camper - Lucky girl!!

Before she goes, she delivered 16 rather tiny, fluffy, feathered balls to my door, we have 12 table birds, 2 tiny little black chicks and 2 tiny little multicoloured birds, don't ask me what breed they are, I have no idea, well not until they have grown a bit more anyway!

Unfortunately I have to give them back at the end of the week and it's not as though they'll stay tiny forever, I have to man up and admit that they ain't all mine, and the six that are, will be on my dinner table in about 18 weeks!

Yep that's right, like I said 12 of them are table birds, which means we feed them as much as possible, get them nice and fat ready to make a dish out of them!

Now I know some people would be dead against this, but why buy a water injected chicken, thats probably lived in a tiny enclosure from tesco when you can raise your own, knowing exactly what kind of life they have led?
I tried it for the first time last year with two table birds, (conveniently called Sage and Onion), and OMG, amazing!
The meat tasted so different, more ....chickeny! Its hard to describe, just far yummier than any chicken I have bought from a shop!

Now just to name them......I'm thinking........Jalfrezi, kiev, balti...something along those lines!



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