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Thursday, 3 February 2011


This is my (Claire) introduction to our (Mel and I) new project.  Mel and I have known each other forever (quite literally), In the last few months both of us have reached the ‘30’ mark in our lives and although I’m only speaking for myself at the moment but I honestly believe there has to be more too life than this, the daily grind and all that. 

Mel has just moved to a house with a massive garden and so is working with pretty much a blank canvas and has a fiancée and two lovely children both boys.  And I live with my partner and have decided to stick with chickens rather than children and am starting my vegetable patches afresh because they didn’t quite work right last year due to rushing things!

We are both keen gardeners and chicken keepers but we are beginners on so many levels and this blog will be a journey through the trials and tribulations of being as self sufficient as possible.   We are going to be trying all sorts from growing vegetables, to chicken keeping, to homemade goodies, bread making, wine brewing and plenty more along the way!

So if you would like to join us please feel free, grab a spade and jump into the great vegetable patch of life!! According to us anyhow!!

Best Love!

Claire & Mel

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