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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bit of a Chicken update for you!

Our latest batch of Chickens in the incubator have hatched!

We are particularly excited about his batch due to the fact that some of them are from our very own Pekin Lavender Bantams which I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about previously! Here’s a little video of the new arrivals!

I’m hoping the a couple of the gold laced chicks are girls, because our gold laced cockerel ‘pickle’ is a stunner and would make a great dad for next season!

Things are starting to grow in the raised beds as well, the radish seedlings have broken through the surface, as Mel said in her previous blog it’s such an exciting time of the year!

Everything breaking through and fresh growth. Of course the weather last weekend helped the spirits – such a shame it’s turned colder now, I’ve got my flip flops out and everything!

Until next time,

All the Best!




  1. I know - trouble is I find myself spending time playing with them when I should be working!! lol!x