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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Grass Seed

What a week of amazing weather we are having!

I luckily chose this week to have off work (YAY for me!) and had lots of jobs planned. One of those was to grass seed an area of our garden for my two little boys to play on. Because both our front & back gardens are literally just mud covered in broken clay pots & glass from the previous tenant, my boys have had no where really to play outside without me constantly saying "watch the glass, watch this, watch that, put your shoes on"!!

So we began clearing the area, roughly about 80 square metres, firstly raking the top to clear any pots, large stones etc. I then let my other half loose with the "toy"... The Rotavator! Luckily we have very soft, sandy soil so the rotavator whipped through the area in no time. I followed behind, picking up any large bits that it chucked out and finally started to level it.

Once the whole area had been levelled, patted down by my amazing dance moves (hey, you might as well make it fun!) we could sow the seeds. We chose Westland Garden health, Surestart multi-purpose lawn seed, which we bought from a local garden centre for around £20 for coverage of 120m sq. Now, it's supposed to be hard wearing which is needed for my boys!
It also states that we should see the grass appear from 5 days onwards and have a great looking lawn in just 10 days! So lets see if it does!!!
We spread this over the area, raked it lightly and then gave it a bloody good water.

It took us best part of the day, which is fine in this weather, though I am a little burnt (oops!) and thankfully, my mum took the boys out for the day otherwise I think it may have taken us a lot longer and I would have been an even brighter shade of red!!


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