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Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter, Grass and a little update for you all!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Well it’s Good Friday at around 8am and I’m sat in my garden in glories sunshine already!!!

So with coffee in hand I shall give you a bit of an pdate as to where we are with the garden.

A few months ago we had the boiler moved which meant a trench had to be dug across the garden for the oil hose. It’s been a huge, brown, dry lump cutting through nice green grass ever since. But no more! Spen has been hard at work removing said lumpage! It is now nice and flat!

And we plan to sow some grass seed over it this weekend. There are a few other patches we want to fill in as well. To sow the seed though we needed to sort out somewhere for the lavender bantams. They have been enjoying free reign in the garden (excluding the vegetable plot after last time) for the last couple of weeks. So we’ve made them a temporary area next to the other girls, touch wood so far they all seem happy with the new living arrangements!

So anyhow we have gone for Tesco Grass Seed, mainly because there was a good offer on it. IN the past I’ve always gone and got grass seed from WIlkinsons, but Tescos’s had a great offer of two boxes for £6.00 so we’ll wait and see for the results in the coming weeks, but it seemed very cost effective.

And finally I would like to wish you all a very happy easter, I do hope you enjoy the sunshine, and spend time with those nearest and dearest to you, speaking of which the in-laws are due over today for lunch so I best get cracking on baking! And for all of you that have booked the 3 days off work next week to make it a staggering 11 days holiday for 3 days entitlement used – well done you lucky so and so’s!!

All the Best!


I’m sure this is meant to be for eating out of, not sitting on top of, but our table bird doesn’t seem to care!

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