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Thursday, 14 April 2011

...To Plan a wedding

Or is it??

Well I will be able to tell you as I am in the process of planning mine!
My other half proposed to me on my 30th birthday last yr after 10yrs of being together! (Took his time eh??)

I have literally just started to look into it and OMG there is sooo much to think about! From the date to the evening entertainment!

I'm sure I'll have lots of fun doing it, but it does seem rather daunting at the min.

My gorgeous girl, Claire gave me a wedding file yesterday to start filling with far I have only one thing determined...She's gonna be my Maid of Honour!

I have also just subscribed to a craft magazine as I want to do alot of the creative bits (invites, placecards etc) myself so keep an eye out for my blog on all of those!

Claire also gave my a book called The DIY Wedding Manual, How to create your perfect day without a celebrity budget (Yep I wanna know how to do that, definately!)

I will also be taking all advice and info from my married friends and of course my mum. I'm sure I'll be delegating a few bits to them too!

So watch this space.... Honestly Its Easy to Plan Your Pefect Wedding!!!!!


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