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Monday, 11 April 2011

Veg Seeds & Sunflower Challenge!

Finally the first seedlings have made an appearance..with avengence!

How exciting! So far our tomatoes, cabbage and chilli seeds are coming through, and all the seeds that my other half of Honestly Its Easy, Claire gave us too are doing brilliantly!

It wont be long before I'm re-potting them ready to transplant into our raised beds!

I love this time of year, everything starts a fresh, you know that summer is arriving and very soon, home grown veg will be on my dinner plate!


I've also managed to get my two little boys into the first part of the growing season, I've challenged them to a Sunflower Growing competition!!

They filled our old toilet roll inners with some compost, popped in some sunflower seeds and gave them some water. They are both excited and eager to be the "winner", and so far we've heard alot of "mine's gonna be bigger than yours"!!!!

I'll keep you updated as to who is currently in the lead...Anyone want to put a wager on it???