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Monday, 28 March 2011

Blooming Thieves!!

Well I can't quite believe it, got home today to find our greenhouse frame gone! Yep, while we've been out, some little sniper decided to help themselves to our greenhouse from our back garden!!! The cheek of it!

I'm gathering from the fact that they left the kids toys, the tools and the bbq that all they were after was "scrap" metal. Well even if my greenhouse had no glass and hadn't been built, I wouldn't class it as "scrap"!!

To calm myself from this, I decided to plant some seeds, very therapeutic!

Those pesky pinchers won't dampen my spirits for home grown veg!!!!!



  1. Nothing's bloomin' sacred any more, is it?

  2. hi sad to hear about the greenhouse wishing you well with the implementing of your plan and like your site

  3. Sooo annoying, we had £400 worth of central heating oil stolen a couple of weeks ago. Fuming!!

  4. It really is infuriating when you can't even have things on your own property without it being stolen. Our next door neihbour had his oil stolen a few weeks ago - we've put a lock on ours - but if someone wants to steal it I don't suppose a lock will stop them.