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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What to fill the raised beds with .....

When I went out to our area for raised beds the other evening I noticed a few of my carefully placed plant labels had been moved. I expect the culprit is Henrietta who is a Bantam Modern Game Chicken who insists that the coop area is not somewhere she should be and jumps up on the chicken house roof and over into the rest of the garden which since I have started sowing seeds is forbidden for the cheeky little chickens! She seems to be the only one that does this, what a rebel!

So before I forget what I’ve planted where I’ve drawn up a little plan!

Now I am by no means an expert in growing vegetables and this is the first lot of vegetables we are attempting at our new house (the ground was like clay when we first moved in we’ve been improving it with lots of chicken manure and stuff over the last 12 months).

I’ve also got some chillies and tomatoes started off in the house and now that the cold frame area is nearly finished (just some last minute touches to do should be fully operational by the weekend!), I can really start getting cracking on seedlings etc. We are going to try and grow our own ginger this year as well, never done it before so any tips would be very welcome!

All the best!



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