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Monday, 14 March 2011

Update on Home Brew, Raised Beds, and Cheeky Pekins!

As blogged about previously, I am trying to brew some home brew.

So the update is, the wine is finished and bottled and surprisingly tastes great!

 It does say on the instructions that the wine gets better if left, but I couldn’t wait so I cracked open a bottle yesterday afternoon whilst watching the rugby!

2 raised beds are also complete, the other two will hopefully be done this weekend.  I’ve never really grown anything in raised beds before so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Let the Lavendar Pekins out for a while on Saturday as well and they went straight to the finished beds for a mud bath!  Cheeky little monkeys!

We took a little video of them as well.

It's been quite a busy weekend - potatoes are chitting up well, hopefully the wather will be nice this wekend so I can get out in the garden again!

All the best!



Not entirely sure what happened but when I got up to let the girls out this weekend Pat was wandering round the garden.  Initially I though they may not have been locked up properly.  On further investigation it appears that something tried to get in their cage, and as a consequence we have lost a chick. The other two seem to be ok though.


  1. The chickens look like they are loving your garden bed.

  2. a little bit too much! Cheeky little so and so's! I literally turned my back for 2 minutes!!xx