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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hurrah! The Sunshine has arrived!

With the recent arrival of the sunshine and the changing of the clocks this weekend it seems to have given me a sudden burst of energy! Hurrah! Spring has finally started! So this weekend I intend to make the most of it! I have started one of my famous ‘job lists’, I’m the type of person who has lists to organise lists – it’s a horrible addiction but it appears to be the only way I get everything and indeed anything done!

So on the list of jobs to do this weekend are;

Finish the cold frame in the back garden which was started last year but never completed.

Complete the other two raised beds over on the vegetable plot

Give the chicken shed a spring clean, we’ve got a little bit of red mite at the moment so the whole thing needs to be sprayed and cleaned well (I’ll do a separate post about that soon with some more information on what we are using and it’s effectiveness etc)

Introduce the table birds chicks who have now been in a separate cage outside for a week to the rest of the flock and watch the fireworks that this will cause!

Have a general tidy up around the garden – and clean the table and chairs which have been used over the winter by the chickens so you can imagine the state they are in!

Sow my carrots and get my chatted potatoes sorted out.

Also got to fit in housework, Birthday drinks with friends, a visit to my brother and also a trip to see Mel(the other half of Honestly its Easy) and the boys, and paper work! Oh and the formula 1 season kicks of in Australia this weekend! It’s all going on! How exciting!!!

Don’t forget as well tonight at 8pm on BBC 2 A Farmer’s Life for Me – the final is on! Come on Ray and Jayne!

All the Best – have a great weekend Everyone! Let’s hope this sunshine sticks around!!



Peas and toms have started to come through on our windowsills !

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