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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Cropredy Plan

Not to be out done by the other half of Honestly It’s Easy ;) I have created my own colourful plan of the garden!

There are a few changes that are going to be made over the coming months;

The chicken enclosure is going to be extended – reviewed plans will be blogged about in the coming weeks. The cold frame will get finished this week, nothing like recycling a bit of junk out of the garden! And the massive pile of rubble will be sorted out at some point hopefully.

The grass on this plan looks quite extensive but to be honest where half the lawn has been dug up etc it doesn’t look that green at the moment so we are going to try and sort that problem out as well.

I’ll get some more detailed plans of the raised beds sorted out as well – at least then I’ll be able to remember where I have sown things even if my little labels disappear or get moved!

All the best!




  1. Impressed with your plans for the garden - love the colour coding, very organised! Good luck with it all and best wishes x

  2. Thats what you get to do when your stuck in an office 4 days a week wishing you were out in the garden! lol!x