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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Transformation has begun.....

So Claire has updated you about her home brew, raised beds and cheeky Pekins, now it's my turn.

We moved into a brand new house in Jan 2011 with a HUGE back garden. Now to say the least, it was quite the mess!

Unfortunately the rather large greenhouse at the back was just too unsafe to keep (much to my dissapointment) and the remaining "stuff" just had to go.

We wanted a complete blank canvas to start from scratch.

We have many plans for this garden, it needs to accomodate my gorgeous chickens, grow all our own fruit & veg and have an area for my two little munches to play on!!

So, we begin, firstly, the whole lot gets cleared, then for the chicken coop, a rather lush new pad to graze in and I must admit, they are more happy here than in our old garden! They seem to be laying more, their combs are much brighter and they have plumped out far more than usual! (Though I'm not sure if all that is due to the handsome young Russell we now have keeping them in order!!)

Last weekend we decided to start the raised beds, in which all our veg will be grown (plus some in pots). We don't need masses of it, as we are only a family of four, so just enough to feed us really, though we always get gluts so I'm sure we'll be giving some away!

Now I have no idea what the gentleman used to do with his stuff in this garden, (though I can imagine!!) but we spent the best of four hours removing hundreds of pieces of broken clay pots and broken glass from literally a 2 metre squared area, Time consuming...Yes! Annoying... Yes! Be worth it in the end...Definately!

I have to admit as much as the previous tenant got my back up while digging all this out the ground, i have to say the soil is bloody marvellous! Soft, dark, and just ...well....perfect!

So there you go, the story has begun, Once Upon A Time this garden used to be a mess, soon we'll be living "Happily Ever After"

Stay Tuned!!!!!



P.S. We're attending the Edible Garden show this weekend, really looking forward to getting some fab new ideas for this project!

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