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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Waste Not, Want Not!

To Freecycle or not to Freecycle, that is the question...

And my answer is...To Freecycle!!

I joined the Freecycle network about a yr ago, but I must admit, have only been using it more frequently in the past six months.

Its a fab place to look for gardening stuff that someone no longer wants/needs, and it's not just garden stuff - people get rid of all sorts, from house items to broken down cars! Keeping more "junk" out of landfill!

Sometimes I'm even amazed at what people are giving away for free, I personally would try floggin it on Ebay first!!!!

You can either post an "offer" of an unwanted item or a "wanted" for something you need. I have posted a "wanted" for a shed and was given a lovely 5x7 shed, all I had to do was go pick it up! Simple!
I have also used it to get rid of various items, such as a box of old videos, bag of teddies, a chimney topper and even my top soil from our huge garden!

All you need to do is join your local groups and keep an eye on it every couple of days as it is first come first served!

Now Freecycle is not the only place - I have just discovered Freegle too, which is Yahoo based groups..

As the saying goes..

One Mans Rubbish Is Another Mans Treasue!!!!


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